Vista OS X Transformation Pack

23 01 2009

Made by Patrick Gharakhanian his is the best transformation package ever!

After installing it, you will have to restart Vista, once the restart is done you will be impressed by the results, from the start-up screen to the system icons.

Download Vista OS X transformation Pack (choose carefully the version that fits your Vista version).


Must Have Apple Applications for PC

23 01 2009


These are the applications that really worths being installed in your PC (and no need for themes for these, they directly come from the Apple world):

  1. iTunes
  2. QuickTime Player
  3. Safari
  4. MobileMe

OS X Cursors for use with Windows

23 01 2009


Here are total 25 original Mac OS X cursors, converted for using in Windows!

Download the OS X mouse Cursors.

WinRAR OS X Theme

23 01 2009


Here’s a superb theme for WinRAR that will make it look like a real OS X application!

Download the WinRAR OS X theme:

Version with 32×32 toolbar icons
Version with 48×48 toolbar icons
Version with 64×64 toolbar icons

Aqua and Aurora Wallpapers

23 01 2009

Aqua is Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) default wallpaper while Aurora is Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) default wallpaper.

Here they are in a high definition format.